The Center For Energetic Metabolism, Dr. Shelley Lynch
Ocean Float with Shelley Lynch
Taking the 2 day Ocean float class and experiencing other floats brought me to such a deep "letting go" state and a personal awareness of myself and my present and past life situations - unlike anything I had ever experienced. At age 51, for the very first time, I felt what it feels like to be emotionally safe though the workshops and floats. To this day, I carry that still safe place within me and it has given me the power and courage to make huge changes in my life. I use this daily with my work in trying to offer my clients that same feeling of emotional safety and freedom. I long for the day when I can do another Ocean Float....soon, I hope.

Nancy, Florida

My Individual Float was AMAZING! It was the closest thing to heaven on Earth. . It was the ultimate getaway, perfect pampering, a little slice of heaven. It is the best gift I ever gave myself! I felt like I was in a cocoon supported by Shelley and Roy. I lay there allowing as the ocean waters to sweep away all my troubles- especially my fear and grief.

Sharon, Florida

The Ocean Float that I did with Dr Shelley was simply amazing! It's a bit hard to put into words, but I'll try... what I have noticed is that it has helped me to come into my own more, and have a better sense of self; it has helped me to let go of an unhealthy sense of responsibility for others; my intuition is now spot on; finally, and maybe most important of all... it has allowed me to drop down into my heart center and live more from there, instead of always analyzing and being in my head, and that, my friends is a lovely place to be --- I highly recommend it! :)

Mary, Florida

My experience of the Ocean Float with Dr. Shelley Lynch and her amazing support team put me in touch with information from deep inside of my body that was truly transformational. I even had the experience of conversing with my own DNA"

Johanna Johnson, Michigan

I have done multiple ocean floats and each one built on the one before. After the last one I felt more grounded and quieter in my head and my life than ever before. That session showed me a new version of what was possible. My work with Dr. Shelley has given me a completely new understanding of love for self & others and I will be forever thankful for the experience.

Lisa, Florida

  I lay peacefully floating in the water with my “pod Mates” supporting me and making me feel safe, when all of a sudden my body wanted to do a backbend and there was nothing I could have done to stop it. I did a backward circle under the water and back up on top as Shelley and Roy helped me release this energy that was keeping me stagnant. Together they helped me release energy that kept me from moving ahead in my life. I am forever grateful to both Shelley and Roy for helping me move away from past beliefs and move into new possibilities!

Judy, Florida

The float was a life changing experience for me. The entire process provides a safe and supportive environment in which to make your transformations. You learn not only from your personal float but from those in your pod. I left a much lighter person as I was able to shed emotions and energy I had been carrying for a long time. I also innately learned how to self care at home.

Melissa N. Carolina

I really don't like floating in the ocean...not at all. I even came close to drowning when I was 12 and had been stung by jelly fish, but I knew I needed to do this. I knew I had to stop resisting and let myself transform. I owed it to myself. In fact, I did two ocean floats! I'm a different person because I let myself be completely supported by the compassion of complete strangers, the purity of the ocean, and Dr. Shelley's talent and loving kindness. This perfect team gave me the space, comfort, support, and love I needed to let go of deep sadness and pain. This purification opened my heart to be receptive to the love and support that was surrounding me. It filled me up, reminding me how wonderful it is to trust, love, and share my light with the world. To this day, I am close friends with my pod mates who are amazing and beautiful people. This educational and experiential part of my journey was (and still is) quintessential for my continued awakening. Thank you, Dr. Shelley, for making this all possible!

Serena, Florida

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