The Center For Energetic Metabolism, Dr. Shelley Lynch
Ocean Float with Shelley Lynch

Dr. Shelley Lynch: The Center For Energetic MetabolismAll therapists and facilitators have unique qualities that they offer to their participants. Dr. Shelley believes there isn’t one best facilitator but that we are all connected, bringing our unique essence to create positive change. The combination of her traditional education, CranioSacral therapy training, intuitive abilities and open heart, provide the environment for energy to transmute (release) easily. She has dedicated her life to being heart centered and a clear channel, who embodies the concepts on this web site.

A Nationally certified counselor and a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida, Shelley Lynch established a private practice in 1990 and received her PhD in Clinical Mental Health from Barry University in 2001. She has conducted individual sessions, groups and classes based on the CEM approach throughout the United States since 2005. In addition, she has extensive training in CranioSacral Therapy, a form of light therapeutic touch that helps restore and balance the nervous system while aiding the body in releasing emotional and physical trauma

Dr. Shelley Lynch: The Center For Energetic MetabolismRoy is a Licensed Massage Therapist with over 25 years experience practicing CranioSacral Therapy (CST). He took his first CranioSacral Therapy course in 1987 where it proceeded to change his life. Roy decided to leave his job as a graphic designer and obtain his massage license so he could practice CST full time. He then worked for two years in an orthopedic rehabilitation clinic applying CST to pre- and post-surgery, and trauma patients. Roy then opened his CST clinic where he successfully treated a wide variety of acute, chronic, pediatric and neurological disorders.

In 1994, Roy was invited by Dr. John Upledger to work in the Upledger clinic. Over the period of 15 years at the Upledger Institute he was a clinician, instructor, curriculum developer, instructor ombudsman, certification developer and examiner, and finally Vice President of Clinical Services. He has developed CST classes and taught nationally and internationally for 20 years.

Currently, Roy owns the Center for CranioSacral Therapy in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and attracts a full-time patient load from all over Florida, the United States and overseas.

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