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Ocean Float with Shelley Lynch
Dr. Shelley Lynch: The Center For Energetic MetabolismWelcome to the Center for Energetic Metabolism

The name ĎThe Center for Energetic Metabolismí came from the concept that all pain is energy, and all energy can be released or transmuted. Just as your body can burn calories and have a healthy metabolism, your body can release pain and have a healthy Energetic Metabolism. To increase your Energetic Metabolism we use a technique called the Ocean Float. The Ocean Float is an experience where you lay in the water supported by therapists or group. While floating in the water you have the opportunity to allow your body to let go of stress, tension, emotional pain, physical pain and much more. The combination of allowing your body to self correct and Mother Nature sets the scene for transformation.

We have two equally important missions at The Center for Energetic Metabolism; to help people and mother nature. The first is to facilitate the release of pain and allow your body to enhance your heart connection and strengthen your sense of self. As a result, you will feel restored, balanced and lighter. The Ocean Float is an opportunity to increase your Light Body which means your cells are expanding with love and positive energy as you release layers of pain. You can schedule your personalized Individual, couple or group Ocean Float today in the location of your choice. The second is to raise public awareness about our oceans. The earth's water is like the blood in our body, and it is our responsibility to keep our waters healthy.

Our authentic self can sometimes be covered by layers of pain from life experiences.

The Ocean Float facilitates the body releasing old layers of pain.

The body has a unique wisdom which enables it to let go of pain, even if we are not aware of the pain.

The beauty of the Ocean Float is your body can and will let go and all that is necessary is your willingness to allow and let go.

Why Water Is a Useful Healing Modality

The superior buoyancy of salt water creates a nearly weightless experience. This allows the body to relax, reveal its needs and release barriers easily. In addition, it has been reported that the amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus in the womb is similar in composition to that of sea water.

The quality of water within our bodies can be affected by negative energy or negative thoughts. The opposite is also true: if we are joyful, happy, peaceful, and loving, the quality of our body water improves. Massaru Emoto is famous for his extensive research with water. He found that the human body is likely to be healthier when receiving good information (energy) and to suffer when exposed to bad energy. Since the human body consists of between 60 and 80 percent water, depending on a personís age, this research is pivotal in understanding how energy affects the water within us, which in turn affects our presence and mindfulness.

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The Center for Energetic Metabolism is:
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“The real significance of water is its role as a medium for metamorphosis, change, building and recycling, nourishment, information transfer, energy exchange, and balancing.” For the Ocean Float, this means that the ocean water the participants are floating in (the external water) and the human body water (the internal water) are communicating, transmuting, and creating change.

The use of water is an obvious choice to help people release emotional and physical pain and limiting beliefs.

With the support of the water, here are the concepts we address:

Energy - According to quantum physics, everything is energy, including empty space. And in the realm of quantum physics, energy can change simply through observation. Since pain is just energy it can be released or transmuted from you!

Authentic Self - is who you truly are, a loving being who is interconnected with everything. By participating in the float you are setting the intention to release any layers of pain which may be hindering your authentic self from being fully present.

Allowing - is the ability to let your body self correct by letting more of your energy into your body while releasing the energy that is no longer necessary.

Heart Expansion - is the ability to be present in your heart and connected to yourself and love.

Embodiment – is internalizing your awareness and knowing on a cellular level.

Vibration - is the ‘level’ of your frequency. As you release emotional and physical pain and bring in more love, your frequency rises. Imagine a hot air balloon beginning its journey, as the tethered ropes are released the balloon rises.

Alignment - is when we are lined up with our goal, or intention. Just like our cars can become misaligned from bumps in the road, life bumps can create a misalignment with our goals.

Whether you choose an individual float, couples float, group float or a continuing education class, you will have the opportunity to release the weight of past experiences and bring in more your authentic self. Come experience your Light Self with the assistance and synchronicity of nature.

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