The Center For Energetic Metabolism, Dr. Shelley Lynch
Couples Float

A Couples float is the perfect avenue to reconnect or deepen your connection with your partner.  As with the group and individual float, you and your partner will experience the weightless suspension of the water while being fully supported by Shelley Lynch and Roy Desjarlais.  Roy and Shelley provide a balanced combination of masculine and feminine energy while creating the space for your hearts desires to expand.


For your couples float, you will meet with Shelley and Roy prior to floating to set your intention and ask questions.  Here are just a few opportunities you will have during the couples float:

  • A safe environment for you and your partner to relax
  • The support necessary to release emotional layers of pain
  • The opportunity to enhance your heart presence by allowing more love in
  • Restore balance by releasing stress and tension from your nervous system
  • To connect more deeply with your partner

Call or email today to schedule your personalized treatment.  We offer 1 hour- 4 hours per day for 1 – 5 days. 

Contact Shelley at or 407-758-3307 OR Roy Desjarlais at

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